Mayan Tomb Theme
2 – 6 Players
60 Minutes

Exit Escape Room Story

You and your fellow treasure hunters have been on a roll recently, and use your newly looted riches to take a trip to Mexico. As you spend more time with the locals, you learn about an ancient tomb of a Mayan god near the villages, but nobody dares to visit for fear of risking their life. Being the fearless group of adventurers you are, you decide to shake hands with danger and explore the depths of the tomb in search of your next adventure. Your team manages to break in, and immediately begin to raid the tomb for hidden treasure. Unfortunately, one of you have set off a trap, releasing a deadly gas and leaving you all 60 minutes to escape. To get out alive, you must unlock the secrets of the tomb and overcome its obstacles to obtain the treasure and escape. If you don’t, this Mayan god has a worse fate for you in mind…

Caution: Player will be in a pitch dark room with flashlights. Sand is present on the floor.