Sci-Fi Theme
2 – 6 Players
60 Minutes

Exit Escape Room Story

For the past 2 years, you and your crew have been travelling the galaxy. You’ve been saving the alien races and their home worlds from planetary devastation. You are highly respected by the citizens of space, and the Space Council has taken notice of your hard work and dedication. They have offered you a contract as one of their elite agents called “The Galaxy Defenders”. Your first mission is to travel past Mars where the Council has been tracking an abandoned space ship. There is no life onboard the ship, and it has not moved. Yet, for some odd reason, there are large spikes in energy readings coming from it. Therefore, we have reason to believe that an ancient space artifact called the “energy crystal” is located somewhere onboard. The council needs you to find this crystal but warns you that your oxygen supply will only last 60 minutes, so time is crucial!